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Why Irish Encore?

Irish Encore has been created to give Irish dance parents a more efficient way to buy and sell dresses and waistcoats. 


Of course, there are other websites and social media pages for selling dresses, but they are not organized in a way where you can easily search for exactly what you are looking for. 


With Irish Encore, you can search for all of the exact fields that you meet your personal requirements for a dress. For example, if you are looking for a particular dressmaker you can filter by dressmaker. If you only want a pink dress you can search by color. If you don’t want to deal with international transactions you can search within your own country only. If you want all three of the above, you can tick all 3 filter boxes to narrow down your search. These are just a few examples of the many criteria you can filter by! Sellers will be required to fill out all of these fields before their dress can be listed so that these filters will be able to maximize your search! 


If you wish to buy a dress you will be able to email the seller directly through the website. Once you come to an agreement regarding price, shipping, payment method, etc. the two parties carry out their own transaction independent of this website. Irish Encore is simply here to help “matchmake” so to speak between buyers and sellers but takes no responsibility for any transactions taking place off site. 


Irish Encore is a subscription-based listing. At just $4.99 USD per month per listing, it is a lot cheaper than putting a dress in a consignment shop for a weekend at a major! The market for good 2nd hand dresses and waistcoats is strong right now, so it’s the right time to get your items listed for sale and get them moving! The demand for dresses is high right now, so the quicker you get your items listed the faster they will sell! All you need to do to end your subscription is delete your listing! But be sure to delete your listing once your item sells to avoid being billed for an additional month, as this will not be refunded. 


We are hoping to expand the website to include shoes and other accessories in the future! 

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